Multi-layer 3D zirconium with natural colour shade, translucency and strength in the strict sense of the word causes a new revolution in dental materials and dental practice.


Gradient of colours!
Six layers of natural colour transition, copying the colour shade of a natural tooth, from the cervix to the cutting edge.

Gradient of translucency!
From 57% translucency in the incision region to 43% translucency in the cervical region with gradual attenuation of colour; this provides transparency of natural tooth enamel and low translucency with dull effect at the cervix.

Gradient of strength
The strength shows a gradient between 600 Mpa and 900 Mpa with a lower value for occlusion without causing damage to the antagonist tooth.

Chemical composition and characteristics
Y₂O₃ Al₂O₃ SiO₂ Co₃O₄ Ageing characteristics Chemical solubility
9,28 hm. % 0,05 hm. % ≤ 0,002 hm. % ≤ 0,02 hm. % Monoclinic phase <25 % ≤2000 µ
Mechanical properties
Density Bursting stress Hardness (Hv10)
≥6,0g/cm³ 5 Mpam0,5 1 250
Technical parameters
Thickness percentage Strength
1st layer (light shade) 20 % ≥ 600 Mpa
2nd layer 15 % ≥ 660 Mpa
3rd layer 15 % ≥ 730 Mpa
4th layer 15 % ≥ 780 Mpa
5th layer 15 % ≥ 830 Mpa
6th layer 20 % ≥ 900 Mpa
Colours A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2, C3, C4, D2, D3, D4

  • Safe, non-toxic material, does not cause allergy, without radiation, without cracking porcelain
  • Remarkable embellishing effect; natural effect with soft shade
  • Comfortable handling, medical treatment without removal of the inlay
  • Full biocompatibility, perfect look of natural teeth
About Aidite

Company introduction
Aidite High-Technical Ceramic Co., Ltd is located in Qinhuangdao, a beautiful seaside city of China. Aidite is a professional supplier of dental zirconium, which connects research, development and production.

The company has been specializing in zirconium research since 2007. We launched production of dental zirconium materials in 2008. Our products are sold worldwide and they are marked by a high quality, certified by many dental laboratories.

The company has over 200 employees and 10 departments, including the research and development, HR, quality system, planning, domestic and international sales departments.

The production halls have a total area of 14 000 m2 and the modern office building has an area of 2 000 m2. The company has two production halls. In addition, we have a warehouse with an area of 2000 m2, which provides sufficient storage capacity. In 2016 the company Aidite built up an intelligent digital centre with an area of 400 m2 and an advanced training centre.

Since the foundation of our company we have made a big progress in stomatology. In 2011 we succeeded to launch production of zirconium blocks of SHT series and in 2013 production of hyper-translucent precoloured zirconium blocks of COLOR 16 series. In 2014 Aidite launched on the market zirconium material of Multilayer series – colour liquid 26  and 16 precoloured zirconium blocks. In 2015 the company presented material Multilayer AT for front teeth and solved two complicated problems concerning translucency and colouring in the area of aesthetic restorations using zirconium. In 2016 the company Aidite launched a personalized series “honor” and special dental zirconium material of “saici” series  system Cameo – for faster restoration of molars, as well as glass ceramic material Cameo, which satisfies different requirements in the digital and personalized area.

We also offered an advanced solution for digital stomatology. We focus on the quality of the material, suitability of production, intelligent solutions and exceptional services.

Our products comply with international standards and the company Aidite has obtained a number of certificates: SFDA, FDA, CE, ISO-13485, TFDA, KFDA and others.

Aidite has a good reputation in stomatology and is a market leader. We maintain a clear leading position on the Chinese market and achieve remarkable results at the international level as well. Our products are sold in more than 80 countries, in particular in the United States and Europe. Our strategic aim is to build an international brand of a dental material supplier and have been working on the PR strategy.

During 9 years since the foundation of the company Aidite we have always insisted on the key values of integrity, diligence and perseverance, and provide exceptional products for prosthetic industry as well as the most advanced technological support.