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BRILLIANT Crios is a reinforced composite bloc for production of permanent, indirect inlays using the CAD/CAM process. Two translucencies with 13 different shades offer a broad range for aesthetic restorations in the anterior and the posterior region. Thanks to its excellent mechanical properties and natural chewing feeling, BRILLIANT Crios is the ideal CAD/CAM material for a daily use in the dental practice.

Reinforced composite
  • High flexural strength for resistant restorations
  • Tooth-like modulus of elasticity for a shock-absorbing effect and pleasant bite feeling
Properties similar to a tooth
  • Blends in extremely well to give natural aesthetics
  • High resistance and low abrasion on antagonist
Comfortable handling
  • No firing process required
  • Can be modified and repaired
  • Exceptional grinding precision for any preparation
  • Effortless polishing for fast gloss
Reliable bonding system
  • Secure bonding due to ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL
  • Suitable gluing material for every situation

BRILLIANT Crios is the ideal choice for single tooth restorations, both in the anterior and the posterior region. This includes all conventional indications such as inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers. Thanks to the shock absorbing effects due to the E-modulus similar to teeth, BRILLIANT Crios is very suitable for implant restoration.


With 13 shades and two types of translucency, BRILLIANT Crios offers a wide range of colour shades.

Low translucency
Farby: BL, A1, A2, A3, A3.5,B1, B2, B3, C2

High translucency
Farby: A1, A2, A3, B1

Composition of product

The exceptional mechanical properties of BRILLIANT Crios are achieved by controlled solidification by heat without external influences. Thanks to the multipurpose composition of dental glass and amorphous silicon oxide in combination with reinforcing resin matrix, BRILLIANT Crios is an ideal material for permanent single tooth restorations.

1. Dental glass
Barium glass
Size < 1,0 μm

2. Amorphous silicon oxide
Size < 20 nm

3. Resin matrix
Cross-linked methacrylates

4. Pigments
Inorganic pigments, e. g. ferrous oxide or titanic oxide

Technical data
Criteria Unit Method Value
Weight of inlay weight % Internal method 70,7
Volume of inlay volume % Internal method 51,5
Average size of inlay μm Calculation <1
E-modulus GPa Internal method 10,3
Three-point flexural strength MPa Internal method 198
Biaxial flexural strength MPa Internal method 262
Compression strength M MPa Internal method 426
Gloss after toothbrush abrasion GU at 60° Internal method 77,7
Water absorption μg mm-3 ISO 4049 19,5
Water solubility μg mm-3 ISO 4049 0,5
Radio opacity, ref. aluminium ISO 4049 1,8
Fluorescence Visual Natural tooth
Translucency Internal method 20 - 26
Colour stability ISO 4049 Approved
Questions and answers

What is BRILLIANT Crios?
BRILLIANT Crios is a reinforced composite block for production of permanent indirect tooth restorations using the CAD/CAM abrasion process. BRILLIANT Crios is available in 13 different shades with low and high translucency and in sizes 12 and 14.

How BRILLIANT Crios differs from other materials available on the market?
Unlike the existing CAD/CAM blocks, BRILLIANT Crios is not made of ceramic components, but only consists of the composite known from direct inlay therapy.

What are the advantages of BRILLIANT Crios?
BRILLIANT Crios has exceptional mechanical properties. High flexural strength warrants resistant tooth restoration. The e-modulus similar to a tooth has shock absorbing effects, reduces the chewing load stress and provides a pleasant bite feeling to the patient. BRILLIANT Crios has high abrasion resistance. On the other hand, water-proof composite material is wear-friendly to antagonist teeth, unlike ceramic restorations.

In what clinical situations is BRILLIANT Crios indicated?
BRILLIANT Crios blocks are applicable to inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers. Due to the shock absorbing effects, BRILLIANT Crios is very suitable for crowns with abutments.

Can BRILLIANT be exposed to dry and wet grinding?
The choice between dry and wet grinding is possibly only in case of milling. Materials exposed to grinding must always be processed in wet conditions.

What shades are available for BRILLIANT Crios?
Shades of BRILLIANT Crios are based on the VITA system. Two translucencies with 13 shades are available.

When blocks with low translucency and high translucency can be used?
Shades with low translucency are darker/duller than shades with high translucency. Therefore, they are more suitable for coverage of colour changes or for older patients with reduced content of enamel. On the other hand, shades with high translucency have better adaptability to the environment due to the increased light transmittance. It allows to achieve better overall result, which is desirable for a high aesthetic look.

What binding system is used for BRILLIANT Crios?
Components of BRILLIANT Crios bind very well with the binding material ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL, which provides a strong anchor and reliable coupling with the inlay material. For this reason the binding material ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL should be used with BRILLIANT Crios. The glue for dental material can be chosen arbitrarily, whereby any suitable binding material can be used.

How can BRILLIANT Crios be pre-treated?
As BRILLIANT Crios is a composite material, it must be sandblasted with aluminium oxide particles of size 25-50 μm. The inlay material must not be etched with hydrofluoric acid. The use of silane should be avoided as well, because it weakens the coupling with a resin matrix.

How BRILLIANT Crios is cemented?
The inlay material BRILLIANT Crios is adhesively luted in the patient´s mouth. Maximum wall thickness of the inlay material is 5 mm for chemically hardening cements and 3 mm for light-hardening cements. Cementing on the tooth matter or composite can be performed using light-hardening composites or dual-hardening resin-based binders. If the inlay material is cemented on metal or ceramics, the use of self-adhesive dual hardening resin-based binder is recommendable (e.g. SoloCem). The binding surface of the inlay material BRILLIANT Crios must always be glued using ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL.

Max. wall thickness 3 mm
Max. wall thickness 5 mm
Max. wall thickness 5 mm
ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL (mandatory)
Light hardening composite Dual hardening resin binder Self-adhesive, dual hardening resin binder
Tooth composite Metals, ceramics

What polishing systems are recommended?
We recommend two-step diamond polishing system DIATECH (Comprepol Plus and Composhine Plus, in particular DIATECH ShapeGuard together with toot-brushes). The disc polishing system DIATECH SwissFlex is recommended for polishing of interdental spaces.

What are the rules of preparation to be complied with?

Can BRILLIANT Crios be adjusted and corrected?
BRILLIANT Crios can be adjusted, modified or corrected at any moment by incision of the inlay material surface using a diamond rotating tool. The binding can be performed using an adhesive suitable for this purpose (e.g. ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL). Then use the respective shades or composite (e.g. BRILLIANT EverGlow).