breCAM.wax(wax)is extremely well-suited to the digital production of fully anatomical or reduced frameworks, inlays, onlays, implant work including large-span bridges for cast metal and ceramic press technology.

The cutting preparation of wax cutting blanks in a dental laboratory has the following benefits in comparison with conventional wax dipping and modelling, in addition to its homogenous and virtually tension-free structure:

  • Much lower brittleness in comparison with pure ceramic and better abrasive behaviour than composite
  • Much higher elasticity in comparison with traditional dental ceramic, because the acrylate polymer network warrants good flexibility
  • Antagonistically friendly abrasive properties like with enamel given by the fine-structure ceramic network

VITA ENAMIC® is offered by the producer with the following degrees of translucency:

  • No further thermal treatments by means of fusion or applications is required
  • Mixing of different wax qualities
  • No damage due to overheating or impurities
  • Mechanical production of crowns or frameworks for gold casting and ceramic pressing technologies(time and cost savings)
  • Better fit of the gold casting due to tension- free processing (less reworking, less material loss (gold alloys))
  • Uniform framework designs/connector strengths due to the CAD construction (more stable frameworks and the same qualities, less reworking plus time saving)
  • One-pass processing of wax (impurities and loss of wax properties do not appear. No material contamination as a result of re-used, impure wax)

These breCAM wax blanks are made from a special milling wax (micro-crystalline hydrocarbon wax with hard paraffin and polyethylene parts), which is very easy to process.

This wax has a drying point of 120°C, possesses slight elasticity, and has strong edge stability for fast milling speeds and burns without residues. The raw material in the wax blanks is fused in a controlled manner in industrial processes and subsequently cooled in a defined temperature ramp. This results in extremely homogeneous and tension-free wax, which ultimately leads to reproducible and equal fits in the practice of metal casting technology.

  • Metal casting, Wax-up
  • Press ceramics (e-max)
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