CoCr MoguCera C is a milling disc with excellent properties for the manufacture of crowns, bridges, frameworks, telescopes, bars, attachments, superstructures and abutments. MoguCera C Disc is based on a ceramic alloy already used in the conventional casting technology. Free of nickel, beryllium, lead and cadmium. Type 4 pursuant to DIN EN ISO 22674 with a very wide range of indications.

Given the low hardness of this metal (HV10 /288), it can be well milled, worked and polished. The alloy is suitable for bevelling with all types of ceramic materials.

Oxidation firing Please, observe the following steps once you receive the work from the milling centre:

  • Framework treatment
  • Oxidation at the temperature of 960 °C – 5 min
  • Sand-blasting with 100μm or 250μm sand.

Please, follow the procedure in the given order!
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Individual single-piece abutments
  • Implant supported crowns (screwed)
  • Implant supported bridges (screwed)
  • Attachments
  • Telescopes
  • Bars (screwed or passively fitting)
  • Secondary and tertiary frameworks
Physical properties
WAK value 25 – 500°C
Coefficient of thermal expansion α
HV 10
Density Elastic modulus
14,5 x (10-6 K-1) 597 MPa 288 8,3g/ cm³ 206 GPa
Chemical composition
Co Cr Mo Si,Nb C, Mn, Fe
65 % 28 % 5% < 1 % < 1 %