The industrially manufactured semi-finished titanium products guarantee high operation safety and constant quality. Inclusions of foreign materials, air holes and stress due to thermal load upon ceramics casting and firing in frameworks produced using CAD/CAM technology are excluded in principle.

We use exclusively high-quality semi-finished titanium products (Grade 5) which are non-corrosive and biocompatible.


Titanium frameworks can be bevelled with ceramics suitable for application on titanium. Please, observe the ceramics manufacturer´s instructions.

Framework working / cleaning
  • Frameworks can be worked with clean mills made of hard metal and suitable for titanium working
  • It is necessary to comply with the maximum revolutions recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The surface must be sand-blasted with pure aluminium oxide (grain size approx. 110 μm) under the pressure of 2–3 bars.
  • The framework should be thoroughly brushed under running water or by means of hot steam, and degreased using ethyl alcohol.
  • Never use hydrofluoric acid!

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Individual single-piece abutments
  • Implant supported crowns (screwed)
  • Implant supported bridges (screwed)
  • Attachments
  • Telescopes
  • Bars (screwed or passively fitting)
  • Secondary and tertiary frameworks
Physical properties
WAK value 25–600°C
Coefficient of thermal expansion α
HV 5/30
10,3 x (10-6 K-1) 837 MPa 330 4,4[g/cm³]
Chemical composition
N,C,H,Fe,O Al V Ti
< 0,4% 6,2% 4% 89,4%